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Ripley’s Believe It or Not!



If you think the building looks bizarre… wait until you see what’s inside! Our amazing 10,000 square foot Odditorium looks like it’s falling into a Florida sinkhole! Hundreds of fascinating, outrageous and interactive exhibits will entertain the entire family.

Explore an unbelievable variety of artifacts and displays in 16 unique galleries that pay tribute to the odd and strange. Marvel at our collection of weird and unusual relics and rare treasures. Self-guided, self-paced tour allows guests to fully enjoy Orlando’s most bizarre attraction!

The Odditorium showcases hundreds of exhibits including: an actual human shrunken head, an exciting dinosaur exhibit complete with dinosaur skull and authenticated dinosaur eggs, a tribute to Robert Wadlow, the World’s Tallest Man, animal and human oddities, a 10-foot section of the Berlin Wall, an interactive Illusion gallery, unusual works of art, a 1907 Rolls Royce car made from over one million match sticks, and much more!

Explore hundreds of fascinating, weird and unbelievable exhibits and interactive displays at Orlando’s most bizarre attraction. Truth is stranger than fiction!