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Pirate’s Town Dinner Shows



PIRATE’S DINNER ADVENTURE… This interactive adventure mostly targets families with kids. The show offers a great diversity of acts such as aerial tricks, sword fights, romance, comedy and so much more. Become a pirate when you get on-board of an 18th century Spanish Galleon with all our adventurous pirates. Enjoy all the talent that is offered to you while you are served a delicious three course meal—salad, main plate and dessert. Beware, because a ferocious dragon threatens the safety of everyone on the ship! Be a part of our family and honor our motto, “Be the Pirate, Live the Adventure!”

THE CIRQUE MAGIQUE… After almost a year of its introduction to the public, this fun and interactive show keeps growing and becoming even more popular. The show features circus performers from around the world including comedians, magicians, clowns, acrobats and puppies! The actors serve the food during the show and ice cream serves as the dessert. This show mostly targets families with kids and it takes place inside the Treasure Tavern Theater located at the International Drive.

TREASURE TAVERN… You will not be able to find more diversity in adult humor than here! A show specifically created for adults, it offers a mix of cirque, burlesque, comedy, magic and music to create a grown-up and unforgettable experience. Enjoy a four course meal, with an exquisite cheesecake served for dessert while the show is taking place! The show takes visitors in a trip around the world, offering exotic dances and suitable jokes at the same time. One of the favorite parts of the evening is the celebrity flash…it will definitely take you out of your seats!